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  • Advance payment is due 14 days from the date of order (no later than May 8th), else the ticket will be cancelled.
  • You can order advance payment tickets until May 8th.

Other options:
  • Payment on the spot with no registration (950 Kč)
  • Arrival on Saturday after 3:00 PM, no registration (450 Kč)
  • Sunday, no registration, valid also for Game Access Festival (200 Kč)

* Accomodation in the gym is included in the ticket price. If you're afraid you're not going to find a place for yourself, you can use this available lodging list we put together for you. Some offer discounts for Animefest visitors.

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Special offer for preorders
Preorders closed, all merchandise will be available at Animefest.
Goods can be ordered and paid until April 25th. Unpaid orders will be cancelled on this date.
You can pick up orders at Animefest, at our booth.

T-shirt size: women, men
Hoodie size
Dragon plushie
500 Kč
T-shirt, women
250 Kč
T-shirt, men
250 Kč
T-shirt, high quality, women
375 Kč
T-shirt, high quality, men
375 Kč
650 Kč
Canvas tote bag, black
150 Kč
Canvas tote bag, white
150 Kč
Canvas drawstring bag
270 Kč
AF19 enamel mug
200 Kč
Enamel pins, potions
150 Kč
Enamel pin, dragon
120 Kč
Button badge 1 (romance)
25 Kč
Button badge 2 (wizard)
25 Kč
Button badge 3 (mahou shoujo)
25 Kč
Button badge 4 (cosmonaut)
25 Kč
Button badge 5 (detective)
25 Kč
Button badge 6 (yin-yang)
25 Kč
Pen (sleeping dragon)
20 Kč
Pen (angry dragon)
20 Kč
Vějíř 2019, Czech manga anthology
99 Kč

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  • Bank trasfer: payment details will appear after order confirmation. Payments can be sent to Czech or Slovak account. Don't forget to fill in the correct variable symbol!
  • Credit/debit card: secure payment by ČSOB.
  • PayPal: PayPal transfer. After order confirmation you will be redirected to PayPal payment page.

You can cancel your tickets until April 15th with a fee of 50 CZK. Tickets can be cancelled until April 21st with a 150 CZK fee. You can change the name on your ticket until April 28th.

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